Infographic: Do You Know The Difference Between Literary, Upmarket and Commercial Fiction?

Knowing how to categorize your work is one of the most important skills a writer needs to know–especially while querying. Here’s an infographic to help. It’s not perfect and there are many places that writers won’t fit into and that doesn’t mean it’s not a marketable book. However, learning how to market yourself starts withContinue reading “Infographic: Do You Know The Difference Between Literary, Upmarket and Commercial Fiction?”

The hard truths of publishing right now

There are some realities in publishing that are tough right now… Format Original trade paper is now the way to go with many debuts. Hardcover is a tough sell and no one wants to be placing their authors out of the market. The traditional approach (hardcover release followed by paperback a year later) is nowContinue reading “The hard truths of publishing right now”

Publishing: Where Art Meets Commerce

Publishing is a very fine balance of discovering and nurturing literary talent while finding a way to commodify and disseminate to the masses. I wholly appreciate literary fiction, but fiction that borderlines on experimental is difficult to sell in commercial publishing. Experimental fiction plays with form, voice, technique and style. This is to be distinguished between high-concept and genre developing fiction whichContinue reading “Publishing: Where Art Meets Commerce”

The True Beginning

Do you know where to start your novel? Successful commercial fiction doesn’t start with first words you ever put on the page. The start is where the true beginning lies. It’s where the book takes off. It’s where subtle character introduction meets engrossing plot. I don’t mean an interesting memory or event. I mean riveting,Continue reading “The True Beginning”