Why Agents Edit

Among the many things we do for our clients it includes editing their work. Sure, the crux of our job is selling our authors’ books, but getting the projects to the point of selling involves anything from a light copy edit to complete overhauls. We all know there are so many layers to get published:Continue reading “Why Agents Edit”

Xmas in July contest from Michelle Krys and Ruth Lauren Steven!

30 pitches, 10 agents, 1 week…It’s Xmas in July! Michelle Krys and  Ruth Lauren Steven will be hosting a blog competition for querying writers. Each will post 15 entries to their blog. The posts will be up for a week and ten agents (myself included…) will be stopping by to make requests. They are accepting MG and YAContinue reading “Xmas in July contest from Michelle Krys and Ruth Lauren Steven!”

Competition. It’s tough. Are you prepared?

The competition to get published is greater than ever before. Us in the trenches will let you know that the expectations are very high, editors are on the lookout for specific books, and querying with something good won’t cut it; you need to go on submission with things that are great. Yes, agents can helpContinue reading “Competition. It’s tough. Are you prepared?”

Why agents take on less than 1% of all queries

You’ve heard ‘agents are extremely selective’ and all the other catch-phrases we use to express why we cannot take on you as an author. We mean what we say. But, even if your work is good, great even, we have to pass and here’s why: The industry is competitive so new authors have be ableContinue reading “Why agents take on less than 1% of all queries”