Juggling Your Creative Life

One of the hardest things about being a creative person/writer/artist etc. is balance. When you work from home sometimes family members don’t know your boundaries. When you love your job sometimes it’s hard to stop working when your desk is always in the other room. Tell me in the comments what the hardest part ofContinue reading “Juggling Your Creative Life”

How To Be The Boss Of Your Creative Life

Has everyone heard of impostor syndrome? It’s that feeling we’ve all experienced where, despite our accomplishments, we’re unable to feel like we’ve earned our spot. Like we’re a creative imposter and someone is going to find out we don’t belong. I don’t know any creative person who has never internalized this feeling. But the truthContinue reading “How To Be The Boss Of Your Creative Life”

Why You Need A Creative Writing Mantra

I think everyone has an internal champion that pushes them on with colloquial phrases. Aside from the “you can do it” self encouragement I think it’s important to display your mantra in front of you at your work station. We all know we can do things if we dedicate time and attention to them; however, it’sContinue reading “Why You Need A Creative Writing Mantra”

4 Reasons Agents Want to Work With Storytellers

Storytelling is also known as a verbal art, but storytelling in terms of the words on a page is what agents are looking for in the slush pile. In the slush pile we know that writers are just beginning their journey. So what we’re looking for is writers that know how to craft curiously. Interesting characters, smart but ambitious plots, hidden turns of events, and larger than life settings. Life is all in the details, are so are storytellers.