Agent perspective: What’s wrong with your manuscript

Pitching your book to no avail? Are agents not being forthcoming with advice? Getting ready to submit in the new year? The definitive guide to what’s wrong with most manuscripts: 1. All internal conflict, no external conflict. Does more happen in the character’s head than in the plot? This is going to be a problemContinue reading “Agent perspective: What’s wrong with your manuscript”

5 Ways To Write Real-Speak Dialogue

Dialogue is a strange part of writing fiction. On one hand, it’s supposed to sound like real people, but on the other hand it’s supposed to advance plot. How is it supposed to do so many things? 5 WAYS TO WRITE REAL-SPEAK DIALOGUE THAT IS MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: 1. Use dialogue to show the relationships between characters. AreContinue reading “5 Ways To Write Real-Speak Dialogue”

Let Dialogue Speak For Itself

Dialogue, in its most natural state, has the ability to move the plot and show character traits, as well as its most basic function: communication. When I read submissions this often marks the difference between a writer that ‘gets it’ and a writer that has a long way to go. Dialogue must speak for itself.Continue reading “Let Dialogue Speak For Itself”