6 Reasons You Need A Literary Agent Now More Than Ever

Yes, even you self pubbed authors need an agent now more than ever. There’s no disputing that you can publish your own book, get a deal by yourself meeting an editor at a conference or submitting to certain publishers that are open to the slush. I see more and more in our query inbox that anContinue reading “6 Reasons You Need A Literary Agent Now More Than Ever”

A New Digital Dialogue for Agent Representation

When having conversations with prospective clients the conversation has changed. It now revolves around asking plans for digital, ebooks, whether the author wants the agent involved editorially or contractually. These questions weren’t an issue 1 to 5 years ago, but are at the forefront of conversations agents are having with writers in 2012. Questions emergeContinue reading “A New Digital Dialogue for Agent Representation”

10 Reasons Agents Are Not Gatekeepers

I read Publishing Perspectives‘s recent article “What is the ‘New’ Publisher?” which got me thinking about the ways that agents breakdown the gatekeeper stereotype and how the role of the ‘gatekeeper’ is changing in the face of digital publishing. (If you haven’t read the article I highly recommend it. It follows the recent Futurebook conferenceContinue reading “10 Reasons Agents Are Not Gatekeepers”

IFOA International Visitors Meetings: What’s going on in foreign markets?

At the International Festival of Authors (IFOA) International Visitors (IV) programme in Toronto Monday I had meetings with 13 industry professionals (editors, agents, and scouts) from around the world. Following the meetings was a publishing panel discussing co-publishing and featured a keynote from Stephen Rubin from Holt. The International Festival of Authors brings together the bestContinue reading “IFOA International Visitors Meetings: What’s going on in foreign markets?”