Things I Wish I Knew: About Writing a Cookbook with Allison Day

Today’s “Things I Wish I Knew” post is from cookbook author and award winning blogger Allison Day. Allison Day is the cookbook author of Whole Bowls (Skyhorse, April 2016) and Purely Pumpkin (Skyhorse, Fall 2016), the voice and lens behind Yummy Beet, as well as a food photographer and nutritionist. Allison won gold in the 2015 Taste Canada Food WritingContinue reading “Things I Wish I Knew: About Writing a Cookbook with Allison Day”

7 Things Writers Should Stop Wasting Their Time On

We all know what a demon procrastination is. But what about the other things that get in the way of actual writing? I have a list of things that (some, not all) writers have a tendency to waste their time with. Whether it’s old habits that need shaking, or creative crutches that lead to excuses,Continue reading “7 Things Writers Should Stop Wasting Their Time On”

Agent perspective: What’s wrong with your manuscript

Pitching your book to no avail? Are agents not being forthcoming with advice? Getting ready to submit in the new year? The definitive guide to what’s wrong with most manuscripts: 1. All internal conflict, no external conflict. Does more happen in the character’s head than in the plot? This is going to be a problemContinue reading “Agent perspective: What’s wrong with your manuscript”

4 Ways To Edit Your Book Back on Track

When you go back to edit, do you ever find your book has lost its way? Not sure what it is anymore? Too close to it to see it clearly? This happens with many manuscripts I see. Writers query these novels still unsure of what it is and how they got there. Here are my tips forContinue reading “4 Ways To Edit Your Book Back on Track”