Don’t Compare Your Beginning To Someone Else’s Middle

Such a great quote and couldn’t be more relevant in book publishing–literally. Don’t let reading an amazing book stop you from starting yours. Don’t let your rough draft linger because it’s not good enough–that’s what editing is for. Don’t compare the beginning of your career to another writer’s middle.

6 Ways You Can Know Your Characters Better

Do you ever get feedback from a beta reader, editor, or critique partner to the effect of: “Something is missing from what you (the writer) know about your characters versus what is showing up on the page.” Writers have a tendency to bring their characters to life in their heads before they come to lifeContinue reading “6 Ways You Can Know Your Characters Better”

Why Agents Edit

Among the many things we do for our clients it includes editing their work. Sure, the crux of our job is selling our authors’ books, but getting the projects to the point of selling involves anything from a light copy edit to complete overhauls. We all know there are so many layers to get published:Continue reading “Why Agents Edit”

Applying the 80/20 rule to writing

Creativity doesn’t tell you when it’s ready to go. You don’t know when you’ll have your ‘a ha!’ moment until it happens. So how are you supposed to plan to get writing done when you don’t know when the good stuff is ready to pour from your fingers? The 80/20 rule is about knowing thatContinue reading “Applying the 80/20 rule to writing”