4 Reasons Why Your Book Is Not Your Baby

We’ve all heard this phrase. And I’m sure I’ve used it on this blog. It centers around the idea that you work hard to gestate the concept, cultivate it’s growth, and then set it free out into the world to see how it gets on with others. While it’s a common metaphor, it’s not realisticContinue reading “4 Reasons Why Your Book Is Not Your Baby”

Repairing a ‘broken’ manuscript

Your manuscript needs serious revisions. Your manuscript has gone through so many revisions you aren’t sure which end is up. Your manuscript isn’t accomplishing what you set out to do. Sound familiar? You’re not alone. Part of being a writer is following a plot or characters not knowing where it will take you. Sometimes it’sContinue reading “Repairing a ‘broken’ manuscript”

6 Things That Are Wrong With Your Manuscript

I love talking about the great things writers do and how they surprise me all the time with their wonderful prose, but from time to time I need to stress the things that go wrong with manuscript submissions! Here are my top 6 things that are wrong with submissions to agents: Your story starts inContinue reading “6 Things That Are Wrong With Your Manuscript”

Objectivity and Distance: What experience are you giving your reader?

Writing is a very insular activity. We ask writers to write in solitude, spend hours alone contemplating their thoughts and their story. However, there comes a time when you need to give yourself some objectivity. Can you take a break from being the creator and pretend for a moment you are a reader without insiderContinue reading “Objectivity and Distance: What experience are you giving your reader?”