4 Reasons You Should be Taking Risks with your Fiction

Playing it safe gets boring. Writers who take chances end up pushing the boundaries and get conversations going. And when conversations get started publicity will take off. Station Eleven Age of Miracles The Golem and the Jinni What do these books have in common? They defy category. They took risks and they paid off. TheyContinue reading “4 Reasons You Should be Taking Risks with your Fiction”

Happy Book Birthday to Julianna Scott and THE HOLDERS

THE HOLDERS by Julianna Scott (Angry Robot/Strange Chemistry) is out today! 17-year-old Becca has spent her whole life protecting her brother – from their father leaving and from the people who say the voices in his head are unnatural. When two strangers appear with apparent answers to Ryland’s “problem” and details about a school inContinue reading “Happy Book Birthday to Julianna Scott and THE HOLDERS”

New Client: Caitlin Rantala

I’m delighted to share a new author that I have recently begun to represent: Caitlin Rantala. She wrote a imaginative YA Fantasy, SIREN, that caught my eye. Here’s a bit about the book! I call it THE VOICE meets SNOW WHITE. Eastland is inhabited by sirens – people with mesmerizing voices worn proudly around their necks inContinue reading “New Client: Caitlin Rantala”