Perfect Characters as Default: Why this is problematic

The number of pitches, synopses or opening lines I’ve seen like this is outstanding: [Your character’s] life was simple, quiet and perfect…until it wasn’t. I’m being dramatic, but perfection as a default is firstly boring, and secondly I want to know where the humanity is, not the godliness. Think about these tips instead: I assume thatContinue reading “Perfect Characters as Default: Why this is problematic”

Workshop: Literary and Upmarket Commercial Fiction

Backspace is hosting great workshops this fall! Check out my multi-agent workshop on literary and upmarket commercial fiction October 19 to 23. This week-long conference session includes: A query letter workshop with 6-10 students and 2 literary agents An opening 2 pages workshop with the same 6-10 students and 2 different literary agents A 2-day interactive panelContinue reading “Workshop: Literary and Upmarket Commercial Fiction”

Workshop: Selling Your Children’s Book

Guess what’s back! SELLING YOUR CHILDREN’S BOOK How to Write and Pitch Novels & Picture Books for Kids Boot Camp Includes: webinars, 2 days of Q&A, a critique, plus a copy of my ebook “Getting Published in the 21st Century” Read more: Children’s books—young adult, middle grade, and picture books—have taken over the publishing industryContinue reading “Workshop: Selling Your Children’s Book”

Writing Diversity: campaigns, resources, terms and how you can help to read between your own lines

There are so many great campaigns going around the internet about diversity in publishing and books. This is my attempt to share that wisdom and it is not an exhaustive or complete list. Diversity is a word for the growing awareness (not a trend) that all types of people should honestly and accurately be represented inContinue reading “Writing Diversity: campaigns, resources, terms and how you can help to read between your own lines”