Q: How do you query with a rewrite?

Querying your first novel is a process that morphs over time. In a perfect world, agents request–and LOVE–the book you are querying and you find an agent quickly without (many) revisions. However, for most of you it won’t be a ‘perfect world’ scenario. You might not get any requests, you might be lucky enough toContinue reading “Q: How do you query with a rewrite?”

An Agent Is Not An Editor

As an agent I am not there to overhaul your manuscript in an extensive editing process. My job is to get it in the best shape I can for submission to editors, but substantial editing is not in my job description because agents don’t have time for it and not all agents are trained editors.Continue reading “An Agent Is Not An Editor”

First Impressions and Publishing

Everyone has heard the saying ‘you only have one chance to make a first impression.’ Well, unsurprisingly this is also true in publishing. You only have one chance to show an agent or editor you are serious about writing, that your work is of high quality and that it deserves to be published. Here areContinue reading “First Impressions and Publishing”