Writing Habits: Myth or Essential?

Tell me in the comments: Are writing habits a myth or are they essential? I.e. Do you think writers should write everyday? Do you think you should write a minimum amount of words per month or per month day? What does a writing habit mean to you? Does sticking to a set schedule or set ofContinue reading “Writing Habits: Myth or Essential?”

5 Things Writers Should Stop Worrying About 

Worrying has to be one of the essential parts of a writer’s DNA. There are so many things to be concerned about! However, the reality is so many things are out of a writer’s control–especially during the writing process. Here are my top 5 things writers should learn to stop worrying about. Save all thatContinue reading “5 Things Writers Should Stop Worrying About “

7 Things Writers Should Stop Wasting Their Time On

We all know what a demon procrastination is. But what about the other things that get in the way of actual writing? I have a list of things that (some, not all) writers have a tendency to waste their time with. Whether it’s old habits that need shaking, or creative crutches that lead to excuses,Continue reading “7 Things Writers Should Stop Wasting Their Time On”