Plotting Fiction: has it all been done before? 5 ways to keep fiction fresh.

This infographic about Man Booker 2011 prize plots got me thinking. There are only x number of plots in fiction. Some have argued 7, some have argued 36, some have argued over 100. So how do you continue to keep it fresh? High concept: big plot ideas (THE LEFTOVERS, THE AGE OF MIRACLES) with traditional humanContinue reading “Plotting Fiction: has it all been done before? 5 ways to keep fiction fresh.”

Is my book ‘too quiet’?

Some of you might be getting feedback that your book is ‘too quiet’. I know I’ve used this term before. So what does it mean and how does it affect you? What ‘too quiet’ means to me: It can be very well written but it might fall into the ‘forgettable’ category It’s a ‘good’ book, butContinue reading “Is my book ‘too quiet’?”

Big Books and the Midlist

New UK agent Rebecca Carter was recently quoted in Publishing Perspectives saying: ‘she will “have to get good at making great deals for authors. Advances are going down — the mid-list doesn’t really exist anymore, there’s not much middle ground.”’ This is something that is echoing across the industry. Midlist books are not something thatContinue reading “Big Books and the Midlist”

How are you contributing to your genre?

As an aspiring writer your goal should never be just to get your work out there, but how to get interesting media coverage, stand out in a bookstore, turn heads and have ears perk up. Each genre has tropes that are expected, but to break into mainstream publishing you also need to have your ownContinue reading “How are you contributing to your genre?”