Reminder: Webinar “How To Get An Agent” is Live on Thursday at 1pm EST!

Carly's WD Webinar PromoHaving trouble getting your query letter some attention? Haven’t landed an agent yet? Just starting to learn about querying? This is for you! “How To Get An Agent” my Writer’s Digest Webinar is live on Thursday at 1pm EST. Everyone gets a query critique, too!

If you can’t attend live due to other commitments still sign up! You get the webinar emailed to you and you still get the query critique afterwards.

It’s 1 hour of instruction, plus 30 mins of Q&A. And, everyone gets their query critiqued in the following weeks.

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Many writers think getting a literary agent is the hardest thing they’ll have to do as a writer. They think agents are looking to turn away writers, when actually many agents are actively looking to sign new talent. How do you find these agents that have open doors?

Literary Agent Carly Watters works with many debut writers she’s signed from the slush pile who have become successful multi-published authors. She’ll share the industry expectations of debut writers, how to find agents that are actively looking for new writers, and what questions to ask to make sure you find the right agent for you.

Learn what agents are being told by the industry and how that shapes the debut projects they sign, why you need an agent, and where to find agents that represent what you write. Do you want know how to hook an agent? Carly will make sure you’re fishing in the right pond.


  • What an author/agent relationship looks like
  • How to find an agent that’s right for you
  • How to show agents you’re a ‘career author’
  • How to stand out among other querying writers
  • What the state of the industry looks like for new authors
  • How agents approach the slush pile and writers conferences
  • The important steps to writing a successful query letter
  • Why you must query an agent with what they ask for


  • Writers who are crafting their first book
  • Writers who have completed their first book
  • Published writers who do not have an agent yet
  • Writers who want to learn more about the author/agent relationship looks like
  • Writers who want to learn an agent’s role in the industry

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How To Format Your Query in 5 Easy Steps

stock.xchng.1280072If you follow these tips not only will you avoid the spam filter (which is triggered by strange fonts), but you will make it easy to read and fast to consume.

How To Format Your Query in 5 Easy Steps:

  1. Always use the default settings: remember no italics, bold, or colours.
  2. Capitalize your book title. That way it stands out without having to bold or italicize it and it’s transferrable across all email platforms without confusion.
  3. Keep your query to one page on the screen. That way we don’t have to scroll and it’s easy to consume speedily.
  4. Use a three paragraph format. Paragraph 1: Title, Word Count, Genre, Hook; Paragraph 2: Pitch that reads like back cover copy, not a synopsis; Paragraph 3: Your author bio, it’s okay to call yourself a debut here.
  5. Include a signature with your contact information, website, and social media.

And a few ways not to format your query:

  • When emailing a query don’t include the date, your address or the agency address in the top left corner. It takes up too much valuable space.
  • Don’t start with a quote from your book.
  • Avoid writing your query in the voice and point of view of your characters.

That’s it! Good luck!

Q: What are your big query format worries?