Platform is a two-way street. Which side are you driving on?

Platform isn’t about producing information all the time. It’s about producing quality content and having it resonate with active readers of your blog, website, Facebook and Twitter feed. Imagine you are driving down the street and everyone is going the other way. Where are they going? What are they going to see? To get people flocking you have to be engaged with them.

The reason platforms work in your favour is that they create a community and provide transparency. So developing content might seem like where the work lies, but that’s half the battle. The rest lies in leading people to your content, and giving them something to chat about.

Tip 1: Focus your message

What is it that readers can expect from you? Don’t jump around from topic to topic. You want to be known as an authority on a subject matter (whether it’s holistic nutrition, women’s fiction writing, or pet therapy) and build you community around a topic.

Tip 2: Focus your content

Use your website, blog posts or Twitter feed for what they are. Websites are information and resource based. Blogs are content and text based. Twitter is personal mixed with self promotion. Facebook is relationship based. Know which conversations to have where.

Tip 3: Post less, get more readers

When blogging, instead of posting daily or multiple posts daily make a decision about what is important about your posts or which posts are important. Every time you write a post ask yourself: Is this something my readers will want to know? Am I 100% happy with what I wrote? Do I feel comfortable promoting this across all my social media outlets? Is this consistent with my message? Write something that makes readers click on the ‘share’ button. Continue reading Platform is a two-way street. Which side are you driving on?