Deconstructing the Rejection Letter: What does it really mean?

Agency rejection letters might not look like a lot of thought has gone into them, but we take extreme care in crafting the response we give to writers whose work we pass on. We appreciate the time it takes to craft your query letters and do the research on our agency.

The P.S. Literary Agency’s rejection letter looks like this:

Dear Author

Thank you for your submission to the P.S. Literary Agency; unfortunately, we are unable to offer representation as it is not right for us at this time.

Our agency receives over 600 submissions per month and we only take on a few new clients per year. With the publishing industry being extremely competitive we need to feel a strong conviction when representing your work. While it is not for us another agent may well feel differently.

We apologize for responding with a form email, but doing so enables us to respond quickly so that you can continue querying without delay. We wish you luck elsewhere.

 Let’s break this down.

  • We address the email Dear Author has we do not have time to address each personally. You can imagine the time it takes our submissions manager and intern to do rejections let alone the time it would take to additionally check spelling on names etc.
  • We honestly appreciate the queries that come in unsolicited because you never know what we’ll find in there. That’s why we’re in the industry: to find and cultivate new writers and help them find their footing in the industry while we manage the business of their books. Continue reading Deconstructing the Rejection Letter: What does it really mean?