5 Year Blog-versary Round Up!

Wow, 5 years since this blog began! Thank you to the loyal readers and commenters for your engagement with my posts. I decided to do a round up of some of my top posts over the years. Craft: 30 Questions to Ask Your Main Character When You Start Comparing Yourself To Other Writers 7 Things WritersContinue reading “5 Year Blog-versary Round Up!”

How To Write For The Market While Still Writing For You

Let me quickly say: I don’t believe any writer should be following trends. That’s not what this post is about. However, I do believe that writers who want to get published traditionally need to have their eyes open to what the market is doing. Why You Don’t Follow Trends Trends are something that no oneContinue reading “How To Write For The Market While Still Writing For You”

Do you know the market for your book? Now’s the time to start.

So often general fiction writers cop out with: “my market is the general public and everyone that buys books!” Unfortunately, that does not work in 2012. Every work of fiction has a market and it’s unfair to yourself to think that yours eludes all need for market research. How are you going to market yourContinue reading “Do you know the market for your book? Now’s the time to start.”

My Manuscript Evaluation Checklist

With all the submissions I get I use my intuition and my checklist to see how they fare. While it is mostly gut reaction I need the checklist to balance out my feelings so I can best evaluate the content and quality of the material I’m looking at. I’ve received some great queries lately soContinue reading “My Manuscript Evaluation Checklist”