Manuscript Wishlist Summer 2014

Guess what? I’m ready to be at my desk reading all summer! Here is an updated manuscript wishlist for my slush pile. Send me your work! Please send me the following fiction manuscripts: Women’s fiction, commercial, historical, suspense or upmarket  (i.e. Meg Mitchell Moore, Jojo Moyes, Sarah Jio, Allison Winn Scotch, Nichole Bernier, Meg Donohue,Continue reading “Manuscript Wishlist Summer 2014”

Why Agents Pass On Material They Say They Are Looking For

Many writers on Twitter know how great #MSWL is. It’s a hashtag where agents and editors can list what they’re looking for. (P.S. For those of you not on Twitter there are two blogs that post them: Agent And Editor Wishlist & MS Wishlist.) Many agents also list on their websites what they’re actively looking for, too.Continue reading “Why Agents Pass On Material They Say They Are Looking For”