What novelists can learn from Serial Podcast

Anyone else get into the Serial podcast these past few months? True crime, compelling storytelling, angle by angle each week–I was hooked! Serial is the most popular podcast in the history of the format, 5 million downloads and streams. So what makes it so powerful? Let’s unpack it. So what can novelists learn from the powerContinue reading “What novelists can learn from Serial Podcast”

Top 8 Books About Writing

Need some extra writing advice? Love highlighting and taking notes? These are some of the resources I recommend the most. Enjoy! Self Editing For Fiction Writers by Renni Browne and Dave King This is one of THE most important things writers can teach themselves. Put this one at the top of your list if youContinue reading “Top 8 Books About Writing”

Coincidence? I Think Not: avoid taking the easy way out

Coincidence is a lazy way out of or into fictional situations. An ex-lover comes back into town after the main character is married and pregnant? A character loses their job only to have an opportunity to go on a vacation? Do you use coincidence to fix your plotting problems? Creating artificial motivation is transparent and a superficialContinue reading “Coincidence? I Think Not: avoid taking the easy way out”