What does an agent do, exactly?

I recently had a prospective client ask: what does an agent do? And a had client ask: what does an agent do after the book is sold? These are great questions because those new to the business side of book don’t know the details, and many focus on the first half of the process whenContinue reading “What does an agent do, exactly?”

What Does a Typical Day Look Like for an Agent?

Everyone says that there is never a ‘typical day’ in their job, but this is also true for being a literary agent. Days are varied, which is part of the fun, challenge, and excitement. For those interested I made a list of what I did one day late last week so you can get anContinue reading “What Does a Typical Day Look Like for an Agent?”

10 Reasons Agents Are Not Gatekeepers

I read Publishing Perspectives‘s recent article “What is the ‘New’ Publisher?” which got me thinking about the ways that agents breakdown the gatekeeper stereotype and how the role of the ‘gatekeeper’ is changing in the face of digital publishing. (If you haven’t read the article I highly recommend it. It follows the recent Futurebook conferenceContinue reading “10 Reasons Agents Are Not Gatekeepers”