Things I Wish I Knew: Kurestin Armada’s First Year of Agenting

Being an agent is a tough job in general. Your first year of being an agent is one of the toughest of your career if not your life! Not only are you learning as you go, you’re also acquiring clients and building your career from the ground up. I likened my first year or twoContinue reading “Things I Wish I Knew: Kurestin Armada’s First Year of Agenting”

8 Query Tips No One Tells Writers

There is a bounty of query letter writing advice on the web. I’ve written about it before too: The Biggest Query Letter Mistake, and How To Format Your Query. However, here are some tips you might not have heard yet that will set your querying strategy apart from the rest. Querying in 2015? Read 8Continue reading “8 Query Tips No One Tells Writers”