Agents aren’t just signing your first book

Most agents aren’t looking to sign your first book, we’re looking to work with you for your career. We look to your first book (and need to love it) to fall for your writing and take that as a precursor for what’s to come. What we expect/hope for We want you to connect with yourContinue reading “Agents aren’t just signing your first book”

A New Digital Dialogue for Agent Representation

When having conversations with prospective clients the conversation has changed. It now revolves around asking plans for digital, ebooks, whether the author wants the agent involved editorially or contractually. These questions weren’t an issue 1 to 5 years ago, but are at the forefront of conversations agents are having with writers in 2012. Questions emergeContinue reading “A New Digital Dialogue for Agent Representation”

Finding An Agent: The head and the heart of the matter

Finding an agent is a great balance between using your head and your heart. Your head tells you to ask all the hard-hitting questions when you get an offer: Which publishers/editors will you submit the book to? How many deals have you done in this genre? Do you see the need for revisions upon signing?Continue reading “Finding An Agent: The head and the heart of the matter”

What to do when your offer of representation isn’t as simple as you thought

So, you’ve got an offer of representation. Now what? When you played this scenario in your head perhaps you thought it would be simple or one of a few situations: I submit to my first choice agent and we connected. I go through a few months of rejections and land the agent that really lovesContinue reading “What to do when your offer of representation isn’t as simple as you thought”