10 Great Writing Tips, in Quotes

Everyone’s looking for the “rules” of getting published. I try to share some wisdom on my blog, but who am I kidding? There are no rules. However, here are some guidelines (in quote form!) for aspiring writers… 10 Great Writing Tips, in Quotes: 1. What works for other writers doesn’t have to work for you. It’s okay toContinue reading “10 Great Writing Tips, in Quotes”

What’s the best writing advice you’ve received?

We all know that “write every day” isn’t everyone’s rule. For all the writing advice available there is a counter argument. Many writers have said there are no rules to writing. Elmore Leonard tries “to leave out the part readers skip.” And if you have writers block Hemingway says “you have always written before andContinue reading “What’s the best writing advice you’ve received?”

On Writing Secondary Characters

Developing a cast of memorable characters isn’t easy. Writers are told to develop their main character well with motivation, internal and external conflict–but sometimes don’t put the same emphasis on secondary characters because they’re too worried about their MC. It’s easy to manipulate secondary characters and sub plots to support your story, but they have to beContinue reading “On Writing Secondary Characters”

To MFA or Not to MFA, That Is The Question…

There is much debate over whether doing an MFA is crucial to the experience of a writer. There are two schools of thought (pardon the pun): The MFA shows a dedication to the craft and a seriousness about being a writer. The learning experiences of the world are of greater value than those learned inContinue reading “To MFA or Not to MFA, That Is The Question…”