5 Steps to Internet (and IRL) Safety and Privacy for Writers

There are many ways to think about internet safety, but with the fall publishing season book launches coming up I wanted to take the time to share my thoughts about staying safe when you’re used to interacting on the web. I consider safety physical or intellectual. I definitely think everyone clearly knows how dangerous theContinue reading “5 Steps to Internet (and IRL) Safety and Privacy for Writers”

7 Ways To Build a Platform Through Your Online Community

I wrote a bit about platform last week. It’s not the end of the world for fiction writers if you don’t have one. (What is platform? Let Jane Friedman tell you.) However, it’s great if you do by the time your book is on the market. Not necessarily at the time of querying your book,Continue reading “7 Ways To Build a Platform Through Your Online Community”

6 Ways Social Media Doesn’t Help You Get Published

Does social media help or hinder the creative process? So many writers are on Twitter and Facebook chatting with other people in the same position. Everything from sharing common experiences, information about who to query, and joining critique groups are part of the wonderful things social media can offer. There are a number of thingsContinue reading “6 Ways Social Media Doesn’t Help You Get Published”

Pinterest: A Tool for Writers?

What do writers need to know about Pinterest? Pinterest is the fastest growing social media site ever. Over 65% of users are women (i.e. potential book buyers). Pinterest users spend more time on the site than Facebook and Twitter combined. The most common age demographic is 25-34 (25%). So how can you make Pinterest work forContinue reading “Pinterest: A Tool for Writers?”