Agency Year in Review

The P.S. Literary Agency had a fantastic year. Below are some of the highlights and I leave you with what’s coming up for us in 2012. Book releases The year began with the release of Gail Vaz-Oxlade’s NEVER TOO LATE. It became a Canadian bestseller. Gail was on the non-fiction bestsellers list in January appearing at #1 (NEVER TOOContinue reading “Agency Year in Review”

Life and Times of an Associate Agent Part II

On Friday I posted Part I of this series on the role of an associate agent featuring how I came to my current role as Associate Agent at the P.S. Literary Agency. Today I want to write about what I have learned in my role thus far. Value of international conferences and book fairs. If youContinue reading “Life and Times of an Associate Agent Part II”

Life and Times of an Associate Agent Part I

Have you wondered what the difference is between ‘associate agents’ and ‘agents’–well I’m sure you can guess. Associates are newbie agents that benefit from the mentorship of principal agents at their agency. Associate agents are more actively building a list a looking for new clients. Associate agents are more often working with debut writers. Agenting,Continue reading “Life and Times of an Associate Agent Part I”