Happy Book Birthday to Twitter Sensation @Stats_Canada

Stats Canada: Satire On A National Scale is out today! From Canada’s funniest online sensation: Canadians everywhere have been deeply confused by the irresponsible and wildly inaccurate data tweeted by Stats Canada since July 2012. While outrageously false, these hilarious “facts” unearth deep truths about Canadians and their culture. For the over 200,000 people alreadyContinue reading “Happy Book Birthday to Twitter Sensation @Stats_Canada”

Happy Book Birthday to Colin Mochrie’s NOT QUITE THE CLASSICS

NOT QUITE THE CLASSICS is out today! Colin Mochrie, a man known worldwide for working without a script, tackles the classics in this surprising, delightful collection of stories Borrowing from a well-known improv game, Mochrie takes the first and last lines from familiar classics and reimagines everything in between. With the same engaging humour heContinue reading “Happy Book Birthday to Colin Mochrie’s NOT QUITE THE CLASSICS”