Yes, Agents Google Writers

You don’t query in a vacuum. If you write a query letter and an agent is intrigued (congratulations!) the next thing an agent does is Google you or click on the links in your signature to see where it takes us. A writer’s virtual footprint is their resume at that point. Here are my ‘online guidelines’ forContinue reading “Yes, Agents Google Writers”

Pinterest: A Tool for Writers?

What do writers need to know about Pinterest? Pinterest is the fastest growing social media site ever. Over 65% of users are women (i.e. potential book buyers). Pinterest users spend more time on the site than Facebook and Twitter combined. The most common age demographic is 25-34 (25%). So how can you make Pinterest work forContinue reading “Pinterest: A Tool for Writers?”

Ask the Agent: Your Questions Answered! Part I

Question from Marc: There is a lot of contradiction online about the best way to start a query letter. Some say start with an introduction about yourself, others say start with your hook and move bio and reasons for selecting that particular agent to the last paragraph.  What are your thoughts? Personally, I don’t like the authorContinue reading “Ask the Agent: Your Questions Answered! Part I”