Query vs Synopsis: don’t send one in place of the other

A query and a synopsis are two very different things and should not be replaced for one another. Query: pitch including your hook, brief overview of the book in a captivating blurb, and short bio including your writing background and distinctions. Synopsis: a summary of your work outlining all the plot points and major characters. A synopsisContinue reading “Query vs Synopsis: don’t send one in place of the other”

SiWC 2012

I’ll be attending the Surrey International Writers’ Conference this year! The SiWC is a not for profit organization that hosts one of the best and most attended North American writers’ conference. There is a great list of editors and agents taking pitches, sitting on panels, and giving talks. Learn about the conference here. And seeContinue reading “SiWC 2012”

Hook, Synopsis, Pitch: What’s the difference?

Something that can be very confusing is the terminology agents and industry professionals use in the submission and query process. Many agents and editors ask for different things so how do you know what is what? Hook One or two sentences on how your book is different from other books on the shelf and inContinue reading “Hook, Synopsis, Pitch: What’s the difference?”

High Concept: What is it? Do you need it? And how do you know if you have it?

High concept is something I repeated say I, and other people in the industry, am looking for. But what is it? My succinct definition is highly unique concept with mass-market appeal. This also relates back to my post last week on agents and editors not knowing what they want until they see it. I, as an agent,Continue reading “High Concept: What is it? Do you need it? And how do you know if you have it?”