The 4 Platform Secrets No One Has Told You

Platform. Platform. Platform. It’s all anyone in publishing wants to talk about! Writers are feeling this top down pressure to check all the boxes publishers and agents are looking for. Including platform. But we’re talking about platform for a reason. (Need a platform primer? Try Jane Friedman’s here.) Let’s be clear: non fiction authors understandContinue reading “The 4 Platform Secrets No One Has Told You”

7 Ways To Build a Platform Through Your Online Community

I wrote a bit about platform last week. It’s not the end of the world for fiction writers if you don’t have one. (What is platform? Let Jane Friedman tell you.) However, it’s great if you do by the time your book is on the market. Not necessarily at the time of querying your book,Continue reading “7 Ways To Build a Platform Through Your Online Community”

8 Query Tips No One Tells Writers

There is a bounty of query letter writing advice on the web. I’ve written about it before too: The Biggest Query Letter Mistake, and How To Format Your Query. However, here are some tips you might not have heard yet that will set your querying strategy apart from the rest. Querying in 2015? Read 8Continue reading “8 Query Tips No One Tells Writers”

Platform Building Links

One of the questions that plagues writers is the dreaded PLATFORM. It’s something that I’ve covered before, but is constantly a topic to be discussed. I’ve put together a list of the newest and best links on writers building platforms. Remember: Fiction writers, this should be last on your ‘to do’ list. Write an amazing bookContinue reading “Platform Building Links”