3 Biggest Relationship Writing Mistakes

Most fiction has a romance of some sort. Historical, literary, suspense–most plots, even if they’re not a romance novel, have a romantic subplot at the minimum. And actually, most of this advice can be used for all sort of relationships between characters (mother/daughter, best friends, lovers). The interaction between your characters is what brings aContinue reading “3 Biggest Relationship Writing Mistakes”

6 Tips To Hook A Reader on Page One

I’ve read thousands of “page ones.” Very often I don’t read page two. Sometimes all I read is that first page and I make judgements based on what I see there. As an agent and a reader my practice is that if I’m not connecting with the material I move on–and quickly. I wish I hadContinue reading “6 Tips To Hook A Reader on Page One”

Why Your Query Letter Should Focus On Plot Not Theme

This is my number one gripe with queries: pitches that focus on theme and not plot. It seems writers like to cover everything in a query letter, including how to make us feel. Here’s why focusing on theme when you pitch is a bad idea: 1. You’re wasting valuable space that should be spent onContinue reading “Why Your Query Letter Should Focus On Plot Not Theme”

Top 8 Books About Writing

Need some extra writing advice? Love highlighting and taking notes? These are some of the resources I recommend the most. Enjoy! Self Editing For Fiction Writers by Renni Browne and Dave King This is one of THE most important things writers can teach themselves. Put this one at the top of your list if youContinue reading “Top 8 Books About Writing”