Thick Skin Ahead: Why you must write for your audience.

reading-freestockphotosI get the impression that many writers think that the hardest part of the publishing process is getting an agent.

This is hardly the case. I know the submissions process to agents is tough. It’s an uphill email battle that makes you feel alone, sending submissions out into the abyss.

I hate to break it to you, but the submissions and rejection process never really ends.

…Once you get an agent, your agent submits your manuscript or proposal to editors who may or may not connect with it.

…Once you get an editor, your editor submits your manuscript to other authors to get blurbs who may or may not come back with some.

…Once you get your blurbs and the book is finished production, you are submitted for print and online reviews.  Continue reading Thick Skin Ahead: Why you must write for your audience.

Writer Feedback in the Publishing Industry

Taking feedback and criticism is never easy. Especially when the feedback directly relates to the body of work you have put so much time, effort and emotion into. Stepping back from the immediate reaction of a) ‘They only read 3 chapters, what could they possibly know?” b) “I just received an editorial letter, I must revise immediately” or c) “How am I supposed to make sense of all these revision notes and feedback?”

Whether the feedback comes from beta readers, agents, or editors, no matter what stage of the publishing process you are in you must be patient with yourself, don’t jump to conclusions and take everything with a grain of salt. There will be extremes; someone will think you need to cut and revise 100 pages to speed up pace and someone else will think the pace is great but the characterization needs work. Joni B. Cole says it best: Continue reading Writer Feedback in the Publishing Industry