Closing Down The Blog

  Hi everyone, it’s been a great 6 years of blogging, but it’s time to end the party. My advice to all writers regarding social media and blogging is that if you can’t post consistently with new content then it’s not worth it–and I’m taking my advice! I will leave it up so that you canContinue reading “Closing Down The Blog”

When You Start Comparing Yourself To Other Writers

The reality of pursuing anything you’re super passionate about is the jealousy that can pervade you. Writing is no exception. When you start comparing yourself to other writers, their books or book deals you’re going down a dark path. Here are my tips to avoid jealousy when it creeps in. WHEN YOU START COMPARING YOURSELF TO OTHERContinue reading “When You Start Comparing Yourself To Other Writers”

Competition. It’s tough. Are you prepared?

The competition to get published is greater than ever before. Us in the trenches will let you know that the expectations are very high, editors are on the lookout for specific books, and querying with something good won’t cut it; you need to go on submission with things that are great. Yes, agents can helpContinue reading “Competition. It’s tough. Are you prepared?”

First Impressions and Publishing

Everyone has heard the saying ‘you only have one chance to make a first impression.’ Well, unsurprisingly this is also true in publishing. You only have one chance to show an agent or editor you are serious about writing, that your work is of high quality and that it deserves to be published. Here areContinue reading “First Impressions and Publishing”