10 Ways To Personalize Your Query to Agents

Writers hear that they’re supposed to personalize their queries–but “how personal, exactly?” is the most common question. The best queries show that they have engaged with us before (on Twitter, read an interview, or a blog post of ours) and have done their research. It’s easier than you think to show that personal touch. BelowContinue reading “10 Ways To Personalize Your Query to Agents”

What I’m Looking for Fall ’13 Edition

I post what I’m looking for in submissions on my blog and in every interview I give, but I thought I’d take some time today to elaborate on what gets my heart rate accelerating, and things I’m especially looking for in my inbox this fall. 1. Upmarket Women’s Fiction Also called ‘Book Club Books’ women’sContinue reading “What I’m Looking for Fall ’13 Edition”

Agent response times

If agents offer responses to queries and requested material (4 to 8 weeks is standard) it might seem like a long time to wait. You’ve just sent them the most important document you’ve ever written! (Or something to that effect…) Here’s why it’s worth the wait: Not only are agents trying to balance incoming queriesContinue reading “Agent response times”

When material is requested, get it in the agent’s hands!

If/when your work is requested by an agent it’s in your best interest to get it to them ASAP. If you take a long time to get your work to an agent (I’m talking 1 to 2 weeks) it says that: a) You haven’t edited your work and you queried too soon b) You haven’tContinue reading “When material is requested, get it in the agent’s hands!”