10 Ways To Personalize Your Query to Agents

Writers hear that they’re supposed to personalize their queries–but “how personal, exactly?” is the most common question. The best queries show that they have engaged with us before (on Twitter, read an interview, or a blog post of ours) and have done their research. It’s easier than you think to show that personal touch. BelowContinue reading “10 Ways To Personalize Your Query to Agents”

How to Write a Query Letter

Finished your novel? Need help formulating a query letter? Don’t know where to start? If you haven’t seen this yet, from BubbleCow.net: Dear [put the name of the agent here. Avoid using general terms such as sir/madam. Do your research and find the name of the agent that will love your book.] [Elevator pitch —Continue reading “How to Write a Query Letter”