How to follow up with an agent

Email is the only suitable way to follow up on your query. Agents take 4 to 6 weeks minimum to look at material and many agents state they will only get in touch if they are interested in reading more. If you have an offer or have won an award, then by all means getContinue reading “How to follow up with an agent”

Thought you had your agent for life? What happens if your agent leaves the business?

Well you thought you had your agent for your entire career, but what happens if they leave the business? It happens all the time. I’ve recently had a couple clients come to me through this process. Here is a small guide on how to proceed. Never burn your bridges when you are querying. You neverContinue reading “Thought you had your agent for life? What happens if your agent leaves the business?”

Deconstructing the Rejection Letter: What does it really mean?

Agency rejection letters might not look like a lot of thought has gone into them, but we take extreme care in crafting the response we give to writers whose work we pass on. We appreciate the time it takes to craft your query letters and do the research on our agency. The P.S. Literary Agency’sContinue reading “Deconstructing the Rejection Letter: What does it really mean?”

Writing Query Letters: fiction edition

The goal of the query letter is to pique interest in your writing and get the agent or editor wanting more material. There are many formulaic descriptions out there on how to write the perfect three or five paragraph query letter. Well, I assure you that while agents want organization, thoughtful articulation and great descriptionsContinue reading “Writing Query Letters: fiction edition”