Querying through the holidays

Lots of writers ask when the best time to query an agent is, so here’s a breakdown of my tips about querying through the winter holidays. Just because you have time off from your day job, doesn’t mean agents have time to read your query. We’re inundated! The volume of queries goes up from DecemberContinue reading “Querying through the holidays”

Q: When’s the best time of year to submit to an agent?

A: The pace of publishing changes between seasons. Agents have to be sensitive to the time of year when submitting to projects to editors. Book Fair months are far too busy–April (London Book Fair) and October (Frankfurt Book Fair) for adult publishing and March (Bologna) for children’s publishing. The summer is another time of yearContinue reading “Q: When’s the best time of year to submit to an agent?”

Querying In the Digital Age: With Information Comes Power

“It’s not right for us at this time.” “I didn’t connect with the voice the way I’d hoped.” “We’re not looking for books in that genre.” The publishing industry has many rules and guidelines, lots of contradicting advice, and often polarizing opinions. I empathize with you writers. I can see how all this information buzzingContinue reading “Querying In the Digital Age: With Information Comes Power”