How to support writers and help build a writing community

So many of you writers out there are working diligently on your manuscripts, and then hope that the industry will support you when you’ve ‘arrived’ and your book is on the shelves. But in order for you to get to that point in your career, you need to help others along too.

Why Writers Must Be Readers

I often get asked, how does someone become a better writer? My answer is always to read more, more, more. Here are the reasons why writers must be voracious readers: Attention to detail – People who read a lot learn grammar, spelling, dialogue and more from books. Knowing what’s going on in your genre –Continue reading “Why Writers Must Be Readers”

Do agents take holidays?

With the holidays fast approaching all I can think is: I can’t wait for the holidays so I can catch up on my required reading… Agents, and many book professionals, use their breaks to read and catch up on the things they haven’t been able to do while busy doing day-to-day work. This often includes:Continue reading “Do agents take holidays?”