5 Things You Didn’t Know About Querying as a Debut Author

I really enjoy talking about debuts. Many debut authors are nervous about their credentials (do I have enough? do they mean anything?), their contacts (who do I have to know? what if I don’t “know” anyone?), and their book (what if it’s not good enough? what if it’s the best I’ve got?). I think it’s timeContinue reading “5 Things You Didn’t Know About Querying as a Debut Author”

Why Literary Agents Do Not Give Referrals

One of the most popular question when I’m on an agent panel at a writer’s conference goes like this: “If an agent reads my book and it’s not for them, will they send it on to another agent who they think it might be a better fit for?” My answer is usually no. Some agentsContinue reading “Why Literary Agents Do Not Give Referrals”

Quick Tip: Referrals

Quick Tip: Nothing gets me more excited about reading then referrals from writers or editors that understand my interests. Already curated and through one hoop I’m always eager to wade into these. It’s like the VIP slush pile. If you are in writing groups or BETA critique groups etc. try to network to find connectionsContinue reading “Quick Tip: Referrals”