February 11th Webinar: “Find Success with Your Query Letter: Getting Beyond Form Letters”

New year, new webinar. Sign up here today! It also includes a critique of your query letter! WHAT YOU’LL LEARN: How to recognize patterns in rejection letters When to rewrite your query and when to revise your manuscript Why agents send form rejections and why they send personalized rejections-and what the difference is Winning formulas forContinue reading “February 11th Webinar: “Find Success with Your Query Letter: Getting Beyond Form Letters””

3 Ways You Know It’s Not A Form Rejection

Many writers keep their form rejections in a drawer and tally up their collection from time to time. A form rejection is a generic pass on your work that politely let’s you know we won’t be pursuing your project and doesn’t provide advice on what direction to take your manuscript. It’s a simple, “it’s not right for us at this time.”Continue reading “3 Ways You Know It’s Not A Form Rejection”

When agents respond to queries

Poll time: How valuable is it when agents send form rejection letters? At both agencies I’ve worked at we respond to query letters with form rejections. I know there is a movement not to respond: a ‘no answer means no’ policy. So how important is a rejection letter to you? Share your feedback in theContinue reading “When agents respond to queries”

Ask the Agent: Your Questions Answered! Part IV

Question from Renee: I sent a query letter into an agent that looked fine on my screen but when I looked to see what it looked like it was all scrunched together. Are agents forgiving of computer glitches? Subjective question, but in all honesty these are things you should be checking before you send themContinue reading “Ask the Agent: Your Questions Answered! Part IV”