Check self-entitlement at the door. Your novel is a fresh start.

No matter where you are in your life or your writing the road to publication starts off at the same point for everyone: unknown debuts. It’s easy to carry things from your life into your writing–expectations of success, timelines, ideas about working relationships and more–but, you have to be easy on yourself, let go ofContinue reading “Check self-entitlement at the door. Your novel is a fresh start.”

Managing Expectations

It’s one thing to have a fantastic manuscript and big dreams, but it’s another to have unrealistic expectations about how the industry will unfold in front of you. Each manuscript has a different path to publication–if it’s destined to be there–but, there are certain realities that never change: Be prepared. Know how the industry worksContinue reading “Managing Expectations”

Should American Writers Submit to Canadian Agents?

A question that often circulates query forums and discussion pages is: Should U.S. writers query Canadian agents? Concerns include: Do Canadian agents have editorial contacts in the U.S. like American agents? Are there financial hoops to jump through when it comes time for money owing to the writer from a Canadian agent? Do Canadian agentsContinue reading “Should American Writers Submit to Canadian Agents?”

Q: What can writers do to make agents’ lives easier?

Saturday afternoon I had the pleasure of co-hosting the BookCampTO ‘Agenting Today’ session at Ryerson University with my esteemed colleagues Sam Hiyate, The Rights Factory, and Chris Bucci, Anne McDermid & Associates. We fielded great questions from writers and industry professionals alike. Didn’t make it to BookCamp? Want to know what we discussed? Here’s one question thatContinue reading “Q: What can writers do to make agents’ lives easier?”