3 Biggest Relationship Writing Mistakes

Most fiction has a romance of some sort. Historical, literary, suspense–most plots, even if they’re not a romance novel, have a romantic subplot at the minimum. And actually, most of this advice can be used for all sort of relationships between characters (mother/daughter, best friends, lovers). The interaction between your characters is what brings aContinue reading “3 Biggest Relationship Writing Mistakes”

Plotting romance: when it works and when it doesn’t

Romance in novels is a big part of what drives readers’ emotional connection and thus sales. Whether YA, women’s fiction, literary fiction, mysteries or thrillers, romance can be a big part of the plot and should never be overlooked. Writers spend so much time crafting plot. But what about crafting a romantic arc, a relationship, orContinue reading “Plotting romance: when it works and when it doesn’t”