5 Things Writers Should Stop Worrying About 

Worrying has to be one of the essential parts of a writer’s DNA. There are so many things to be concerned about! However, the reality is so many things are out of a writer’s control–especially during the writing process. Here are my top 5 things writers should learn to stop worrying about. Save all thatContinue reading “5 Things Writers Should Stop Worrying About “

Workshop: Selling Your Children’s Book

Guess what’s back! SELLING YOUR CHILDREN’S BOOK How to Write and Pitch Novels & Picture Books for Kids Boot Camp Includes: webinars, 2 days of Q&A, a critique, plus a copy of my ebook “Getting Published in the 21st Century” Read more: Children’s books—young adult, middle grade, and picture books—have taken over the publishing industryContinue reading “Workshop: Selling Your Children’s Book”

Are You Holding On To Your Book Too Long? 4 Signs You’re Ready to Share Your Work With the Publishing Industry

Everyone has an opinion: your critique group, your family etc. If you’re writing a book you need to show it to people to get it published, right? Your critique group or family has watched you toil over your writing for months, years or decades. And often they’re the ones that say: “Send it out!” Are youContinue reading “Are You Holding On To Your Book Too Long? 4 Signs You’re Ready to Share Your Work With the Publishing Industry”

Agent perspective: What’s wrong with your manuscript

Pitching your book to no avail? Are agents not being forthcoming with advice? Getting ready to submit in the new year? The definitive guide to what’s wrong with most manuscripts: 1. All internal conflict, no external conflict. Does more happen in the character’s head than in the plot? This is going to be a problemContinue reading “Agent perspective: What’s wrong with your manuscript”