Top 8 Books About Writing

Need some extra writing advice? Love highlighting and taking notes? These are some of the resources I recommend the most. Enjoy! Self Editing For Fiction Writers by Renni Browne and Dave King This is one of THE most important things writers can teach themselves. Put this one at the top of your list if youContinue reading “Top 8 Books About Writing”

Don’t Compare Your Beginning To Someone Else’s Middle

Such a great quote and couldn’t be more relevant in book publishing–literally. Don’t let reading an amazing book stop you from starting yours. Don’t let your rough draft linger because it’s not good enough–that’s what editing is for. Don’t compare the beginning of your career to another writer’s middle.

Self-editing: 4 reasons why you must kill your darlings

I’m a big proponent of self-editing and teaching writers how to tackle revisions on their own. I’ve given talks to writers’ groups, presented at writers’ conferences, and blogged about it before (see below for further reading). Self-editing is the difference between a novice and and someone who has trained in their craft. So many timesContinue reading “Self-editing: 4 reasons why you must kill your darlings”

With the act of writing, you’re a writer

Many writers feel this stress that if they aren’t published anywhere, then they aren’t a writer. They worry they won’t be taken seriously. They worry that’s just a hobby and will never be anything more. I want to reassure everyone that with the act of writing, and consciously sitting down to do it, you areContinue reading “With the act of writing, you’re a writer”