4 Things You Don’t Know About Self Publishing Until You Do It

Thinking about embarking on self publishing a book on your own? Not sure what the experience is going to be like? This week I feature three of my hybrid authors who have self published projects or series. There are a lot of factors to consider–How much you can do yourself vs. what you can hireContinue reading “4 Things You Don’t Know About Self Publishing Until You Do It”

8 Query Tips No One Tells Writers

There is a bounty of query letter writing advice on the web. I’ve written about it before too: The Biggest Query Letter Mistake, and How To Format Your Query. However, here are some tips you might not have heard yet that will set your querying strategy apart from the rest. Querying in 2015? Read 8Continue reading “8 Query Tips No One Tells Writers”

What does your idea of book success look like?

One of the most challenging–but most helpful–things a writer can do before getting into the book business is deciding what success looks like to them. This is a topic close to my heart because it’s all about being honest with yourself, making the most of your time and energy, and helping visualize where you wantContinue reading “What does your idea of book success look like?”

Is the self-publishing stigma gone?

Q: Are agents reluctant to represent someone who has already self-pubbed one book? – Mary K Plenzler In my open call for questions to answer on my blog, Mary asked about agent perceptions of self-publishing. There are two sides to this coin: Agents cannot shop a self-pubbed book if it does not have massive sales. ThereContinue reading “Is the self-publishing stigma gone?”