Which pitch has the most potential? Slush pile, in-person or online contest?

I get asked this question often. Writers want to make the most of their time and talent. Querying is a part in your writing career that is fraught with stress, expectation, and worry–oh wait, this sounds like the entire length of a writing career! Jokes aside, the decisions you make to start your career haveContinue reading “Which pitch has the most potential? Slush pile, in-person or online contest?”

3 Reasons It’s Good to be in the Slush Pile

I think writers interpret the Slush Pile as a bad thing, when really, agents love our slush pile. It’s where we find our amazing debut authors! Yes, it can be an overwhelming thing for us to sort through–which is why you hear the groans–but sometimes we’re amazed at what we see. Here’s why you shouldContinue reading “3 Reasons It’s Good to be in the Slush Pile”

Manuscript Wishlist May 2014

Here is an updated manuscript wishlist for my slush pile. Please send me: Women’s fiction, commercial, historical or upmarket  (i.e. THE ARRIVALS, GIRLS IN WHITE DRESSES and THE GIRL YOU LEFT BEHIND) Upmarket fiction like THE LIGHT BETWEEN OCEANS, THIS IS WHERE I LEAVE YOU and SEATING ARRANGEMENTS Literary coming of age novels like ARCADIAContinue reading “Manuscript Wishlist May 2014”

2012 Query Stats and My 2013 Wishlist

Another year, another query stats update! Queries received: Approximately 6,000 (Yes, we look at all of them…) Partial manuscript requests: 189 (I looked at a lot of partials because I was building my list. Anything that I thought had potential to be a fit with me I requested.) Full manuscript requests: 30 (These were the selectContinue reading “2012 Query Stats and My 2013 Wishlist”