Poll: How Long Did You Take To Write Your Query Letter?

This is something I’ve been curious about for awhile. How long did you take to write your query? One day? One Month? More? Less? It’s a really important piece of the submission process and I’m wondering how much effort writers are putting into it. If you spend year(s) on your novel, how much time do youContinue reading “Poll: How Long Did You Take To Write Your Query Letter?”

How To Format Your Query in 5 Easy Steps

If you follow these tips not only will you avoid the spam filter (which is triggered by strange fonts), but you will make it easy to read and fast to consume. How To Format Your Query in 5 Easy Steps: Always use the default settings: remember no italics, bold, or colours. Capitalize your book title.Continue reading “How To Format Your Query in 5 Easy Steps”

How I Read Slush: 3 Lessons for Writers

Agents talk a lot about query letter writing and how we manage the slush pile. There’s the flip side of that too: once we request your material what happens? Well today, you get inside my brain. This is how I read requested material and how you make yours stand out: 1. I read on myContinue reading “How I Read Slush: 3 Lessons for Writers”

Q: How do you query with a rewrite?

Querying your first novel is a process that morphs over time. In a perfect world, agents request–and LOVE–the book you are querying and you find an agent quickly without (many) revisions. However, for most of you it won’t be a ‘perfect world’ scenario. You might not get any requests, you might be lucky enough toContinue reading “Q: How do you query with a rewrite?”