Q: When’s the best time of year to submit to an agent?

A: The pace of publishing changes between seasons. Agents have to be sensitive to the time of year when submitting to projects to editors. Book Fair months are far too busy–April (London Book Fair) and October (Frankfurt Book Fair) for adult publishing and March (Bologna) for children’s publishing. The summer is another time of yearContinue reading “Q: When’s the best time of year to submit to an agent?”

What do you want from the publishing experience?

Many of you out there have written a book. (At least I’m assuming so if you are reading this blog…) But, have you all thought about what you truly want out of the publishing experience? If you’re querying agents I hope you want to be traditionally published and be able to work in a collaborativeContinue reading “What do you want from the publishing experience?”

Life and Times of an Associate Agent Part II

On Friday I posted Part I of this series on the role of an associate agent featuring how I came to my current role as Associate Agent at the P.S. Literary Agency. Today I want to write about what I have learned in my role thus far. Value of international conferences and book fairs. If youContinue reading “Life and Times of an Associate Agent Part II”