Let Dialogue Speak For Itself

Dialogue, in its most natural state, has the ability to move the plot and show character traits, as well as its most basic function: communication. When I read submissions this often marks the difference between a writer that ‘gets it’ and a writer that has a long way to go. Dialogue must speak for itself.Continue reading “Let Dialogue Speak For Itself”

Are You Making Time To Write Or Wasting It? What Are You Afraid Of?

The internet can be a great source of information and a great time waster. It happens to me every time I check Publishers Marketplace or write a blog post. One thing leads to another and before you know it the time you set aside to work is over. Is it simply procrastination or avoiding biggerContinue reading “Are You Making Time To Write Or Wasting It? What Are You Afraid Of?”

The True Beginning

Do you know where to start your novel? Successful commercial fiction doesn’t start with first words you ever put on the page. The start is where the true beginning lies. It’s where the book takes off. It’s where subtle character introduction meets engrossing plot. I don’t mean an interesting memory or event. I mean riveting,Continue reading “The True Beginning”

Writing Query Letters: fiction edition

The goal of the query letter is to pique interest in your writing and get the agent or editor wanting more material. There are many formulaic descriptions out there on how to write the perfect three or five paragraph query letter. Well, I assure you that while agents want organization, thoughtful articulation and great descriptionsContinue reading “Writing Query Letters: fiction edition”