Social Media for Authors

Social media not only has the ability to connect like-minded readers, but help authors find their online genre niches and build long-term, engaging relationships with their readers. Below I have highlighted tips for social media beginner and intermediate authors who are looking to partake in this important brand building task.

Backstory and Foreshadowing: are you showing or telling?

Backstory is crucial to building a relationship between the reader and the material. This allows the reader feel like they know the character like a friend: the anecdotes, stories, likes and disappointments the characters have gone through as though the reader has been privy to that information like a confidant. It seems easy enough, butContinue reading “Backstory and Foreshadowing: are you showing or telling?”

Sample Material: do’s and don’t’s

When asked to send sample material follow these guidelines: – Most obviously, send your manuscript in the file format that is asked of you. Often times authors send in material in pdf or rtf when we specifically ask for doc or it is password protected. This is a simple task that allows the agent toContinue reading “Sample Material: do’s and don’t’s”