Should American Writers Submit to Canadian Agents?

A question that often circulates query forums and discussion pages is:

Should U.S. writers query Canadian agents?

Concerns include:

  • Do Canadian agents have editorial contacts in the U.S. like American agents?
  • Are there financial hoops to jump through when it comes time for money owing to the writer from a Canadian agent?
  • Do Canadian agents have the same literary interests as American agents?

These are great research questions for writers.

From an author’s perspective, it can be pretty seamless, as many Canadian agents treat the U.S. as a home territory.

The optimal skill set of agents is the same, no matter where they are located: good network, talent spotting, negotiation experience, industry knowledge, project management experience, and great communication skills. The idea that a ‘bad’ U.S. agent is better than a ‘good’ Canadian one is false. A good agent is a good agent whether they are Canadian or American. And, a good agent means that they have the optimal skill set as noted above, work in your genre, and have a network that encompasses the territory of your work. I.e. If you are an American writer who wrote a book about a mystery set in Florida, you want the book submitted to U.S. editors which Canadian or American agents can do.  Continue reading Should American Writers Submit to Canadian Agents?